We want every one of our backers to receive complete games in pristine condition.  We care about our backers and our community and we do everything that we can to avoid and minimize these issues.  However, factory defect, human error and the realities of worldwide shipping make missing components and damages an unfortunate reality.  If your newly purchased Open Owl Studios game has missing or damaged parts beyond minor cosmetic issues, we will do our best to replace those parts free of charge.  To request a part, please fill out this form.

Our policy is listed below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at  hello@openowlstudios.com.

  • Contact us (Open Owl Studios) if you have an issue with the English edition of any of our games.  If you own a non-English edition, contact the publisher associated with that version directly.

  • We will be shipping all replacement parts from the USA.  Additional customs fees are required for some of our international community.  Please understand that we do not have any control over this.  When possible, we ship duties paid, but it should not be assumed that customs are paid by Open Owl Studios on your behalf.

  • We will replace any components that are missing free of charge as soon as we are able to.  If you have received a game with a missing or damaged component and we are in the middle of fulfillment, there will likely be a modest delay while finish fulfillment and spool up replacement parts for a new game.

  • Minor and cosmetic damage will be replaced when this damage affects gameplay.  For example, cards that are identifiable will be replaced but scuffed or marked trays will not be.

  • Boxes are considered to be part of the protective packaging and we do not generally replace boxes.  As a rule, minor dings and dents to the box may not warrant a free replacement.  Due to the environmental impact, logistical challenges and high cost of shipping empty boxes, decisions on box replacements will be made on a case-by-case basis.  If you have received a game that has endured more than minor cosmetic damage, keep all of the packaging including the shipping box.  Open Owl Studios will, at our discretion, determine whether the damage is beyond minor cosmetic damage or due to insufficient protective packaging.

  • If your order has arrived with severe and extreme damage, take photos of the shipping box with your shipping label visible and open a claim with the delivery company as soon as you are able to before opening the box.  This type of damage is often covered by the delivery company when accompanied with photographic documentation.   If this happens, please let us know what happened (hello@openowlstudios.com) and that you have started a claim.